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Already tried but not working?

1) Injection-extraction technique

2) Lemon fabric shampoo

3) The electric brush

4) Sofa shampooer

Here are some mistakes to avoid

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The majority of stains and odours are removed but under certain conditions some odours and stains are only partially removed

1) Stains :

1.1) Old coffee or blood stains or oil stains could be partially removed

1.2) The type of fabric is naturally impermeable, shampoo could not penetrate fabric

1.3) The fabric is very old or antique or sensitive to rubbing

2) Cat pee smell

If the pee touches the moss or the wood and the sofa is not removable then it will not come off completely except after a few months and after shampooing several times and adding a deodorizer.

3) Cigarette smell

If the fabric sofa has been exposed to cigarettes/tobacco for several years, then a single deep cleaning will reduce the smell but not completely, so it needs several cleanings (between 2 to 4).

4) Odour Acidity vomit

5) Other stains and odours

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Is the sofa stain remover effective ?

Yes, there are some effective sofa stain removers but their use alone is not sufficient and could bleach or distort the colour of the fabric and also create stains, opt for stain removers suitable for coloured fabrics and not for white fabrics.

Which stain remover to use ?

In supermarkets you can find a multitude of products for everyday use and there are also professional products such as Karcher. We recommend professional sofa stain removers.

What technique should I use to remove stains and odours ?

Opt for the shampooer, injection-extraction and an electric brush with soft or hard brushes depending on the type of fabric, avoid dry cleaning with a steam cleaner except in the case of eliminating dust mites (to be used 20 cm away from the fabric).

What are the mistakes to avoid ?

Preferably do not use strong stain removers, especially if you have children or if you are allergic or pregnant. According to our previous experiences here are some mistakes not to be made.

Odour and stains are sometimes only partially removed ?

Some smells and stains are not completely removed, such as cat pee, cigarette smell, vomit, oil stains, ink 

Would you like to share your experiences with us ?

Does the grandmother’s recipe work ?According to our experiences in the field as well as feedback from our customers, the use of baking soda and/or vinegar is not recommended for stains and odours on fabric sofas, as they often become larger and the stains become more visible and unpleasant to see.

Why does the stain get bigger instead of smaller ?

It is not advisable to clean only the stained area, as a colour difference will be seen in the form of a halo on your chair compared to the untreated area. It is important to widen the cleaning area, e.g. the entire seat, backrest or armrest of your chair.

How do I remove the stain/odour from my sofa ?

The cleaning technique differs according to the type of stain on your sofa as well as the material of which the fabric is made. According to our expertise, it is advisable to use injection-extraction and not to use the steam technique because the heat damages the fabric, especially cotton, wool and mixed fabrics.

How to remove cat pee or cigarette smell ?

If the sofa has removable covers, it is better to treat the foam with the injection-extraction method because sometimes even if you wash the covers the smell remains.

Are there any risks if I do it myself ?

There is no such thing as zero risk, but based on our previous experience, we have listed a few mistakes to avoid.

I pay, but what if the jobs don’t go away ?

If you are not sure if the job will go or not, we offer to do a test run for our clients and this costs our 35 Euro travel fee.

Please feel free to share your experiences and remarks with us?


Not tried yet ?

1) Grandma’s recipes found on the internet 

80% of our customers contact us because the stains have become larger and more extensive due to the application of commercial recipes found on the internet (bicarnonate and vinegar) which are not suitable for the fabric sofa.

2) Stain removers for white fabrics 

Some types of stain removers could change the colour of your sofa and become unrecoverable. Many customers contact us but sometimes too late and difficult to recover.

3) Steam cleaner requested but not effective 

It is used to remove dust mites, but not effective for the big cleaning of a sofa of several years with stains.

4) Other mistakes to avoid

We have listed a few mistakes to avoid, based on feedback from our customers and our experiences in the field. 

Would you like to share your experiences and remarks with us?1) Les recettes grand-mère trouvées sur internet

According to our previous experiences and testing of different techniques we use the injection-extraction with electric brush for all kind of stains and odours on armchairs

we use the steam cleaner only for people allergic to dust mites who have a very clean sofa.

In our experience most stains and odours are removed except under certain conditions:

Some stains from coffee, oil, hair freeze, wine, cat pee smell could be partially removed.

The fabric of the sofa is naturally waterproof, shampoo could not penetrate the fabric and water remains on the surface.

The fabric is very old or antique or sensitive to rubbing.

How to protect yourself against stains ?

1) Textile waterproofing:

It is a spray applied on all the contact points of the sofa (the seat, the armrest, the headrest, the footrest, the backrest, the back is often not in contact) and lasts between 1 and 2 years.

1.1) Which product to choose:

On the Belgian or French market, there are some quality products but they are expensive,

1.2) How many bottles do you need for a 2-seater corner sofa and a chaise longue ?

3 bottles of 500 ml each will do for the seat and armrest and backrest (contact points) but if the fabric of your sofa contains small knots and holes then you need a 4th bottle, but the price is not cheap and could easily cost between 80eur and 150 eur

1.3) Protection warranty

Between 1 and 2 years depending on the use and contact with the sofa.

1.4) Is the textile waterproofing effective:

Some fabrics are not favourable or require several bottles, but generally the choice of product and the way it is applied gives a satisfactory result

1.5) How to test the effectiveness

After applying the waterproofing, wait for 2 days then:

Take a glass of water and pour a few drops of water on the sofa, if most of the water remains on the sofa and does not penetrate the fabric then it is effective but repeat the operation every 3 months to see how long it lasts.

2) Fabric covers

These are often applied by our customers but some do not prefer them as they take away from the original look of the sofa and require more strength and time to apply.

Problems Resolved

To give the sofa a new look and to revive its colour we use the injection-extraction technique

The drying time is 1.5 days and a good result is guaranteed

The result according to our experiences

Odour will sometimes leave at 100% and sometimes at 80%.

How to proceed ?

If the sofa has a removable cover then clean the cover and the affected part of the foam, otherwise just the cover 

If cat pee touches the structure of the sofa (wood), it is better to polish part of the wood.

If the sofa is removable then clean the seat and cushion covers either in a washing machine (low temperature but read the label first) or in a dry cleaner and if the smell persists then it is better to call in a professional to treat the moss as the water if it penetrates the moss too much could get stuck and develop shampoos after a few weeks.

It is not advisable to use the grandmother’s recipes found on the internet (white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils).

According to our experience and the feedback of all our customers, these recipes are not effective and they allow the pee to get inside the chair and touch the moss or the wood and complicate the vacuuming task.

We pay great attention to cat pee because it requires several layers of cleaning and vacuuming and the result is satisfactory.

The first step in the treatment of cat pee is to identify the perimeter of the pee and the areas of pee to focus on, then shampooing and vacuuming and finally lemon scenting. Sometimes the odour will not be 100% gone if the pee touches the wood or foam of the sofa which is not removable, but a method of cat pee cleaning exists to eliminate the majority of the odour.

Injection-extraction technique

Electric brushing

1) Stained sofa

Bottle milk, water, juice, feet, jeans, varnish, slim, futres, bic, etc)

2) Sofa stained by pets

Dog hair, dirt, pee, smell, grease

3) Cigarette smell after buying second hand and need disinfection

Needs several layers of deep cleaning and disinfection

More than 80% of our clients try the grandmother’s recipe without result

Use the Injection-Extraction Technique, taking into account errors and risks

Widen the cleaning perimeter to avoid stains

The majority of our customers try to remove stains from their sofa by googling how to clean the chair and then apply the grandmother’s recipes such as white vinegar, baking soda, etc.

Unfortunately the recipe makes the situation worse and forms larger stains after a few hours and unpleasant to see especially if the colour of the sofa is light, here is how we proceeded to remove stains and stains from the sofa

Be careful with the fabric shampoo used (allergy, smell)

Dust mite removal

You will certainly be sitting with your baby on your mattress or sofa, your baby’s health is vulnerable and the sofa requires good hygiene of the contact points.

A certified organic ecological cleaning is essential, we use world-wide recognized and certified Ecolab products for fabrics and we do not use baby perfumes in order to avoid any kind of allergy. Dust mites will also be eliminated

The acidity of the vomit is eliminated with proper shampooing and deodorization, the most suitable technique is injection-extraction.

Sometimes the odour may remain for a while, in which case the foam must be removed if the sofa is removable, otherwise it is necessary to do several cleanings and deodorization (+/- 3 local cleanings).

How to remove the smell of smoke from a sofa?

A thorough cleaning and with several layers of lemon scented shampoo, sometimes a second cleaning after 2 weeks is recommended.

Will the insurance company pay for the intervention ?

Most of our customers are reimbursed by their insurance company, just send them a quote and see the clauses of the contract (the risk covered, amount of excess, etc.)

Several coats of Shampuinage complete because nicotine smell adheres to the fabric and the foam

Treatment of the foam if the sofa is removable, otherwise 2 cleanings during the next 2 months

Disinfect before use because source of use, storage channel and environment, transport unknown

Never buy a second hand sofa without being on site as many of our customers contact us because they discover the smell of cigarettes, stains from unknown sources, damaged foam upholstery, fleas and bed bugs, static electricity.

The customer contacted us because after buying a new sofa, he had an eye ache and cough and noticed small bugs on the sofa, we intervened to clean the whole sofa with water and Bio fabric shampoo (injection-extraction machine) then re-cleaned with the steam cleaner to eliminate all the dust mites, the customer finally felt nothing after the cleaning.

NB: sometimes some sofas and mattresses contain bed bugs hidden inside, in this case it is essential to get rid of them so that they do not spread throughout the flat, you can call on pest control companies

Choice of quality and quantity of waterproofing agent

Number of round trips during application (minimum 4)Test on non visible part (back or underneath)

Validation of the result by pouring a little water the next day

Generally we clean the sofa first and then after a few days we come back to apply the textile waterproofing to the sofa or chairs, some types of sofa fabric require several bottles of spray.

The effectiveness is 85%, and the duration of the waterproofing is between 1 and 2 years depending on the quality of the product and the method of its application (pass at least 4 times on each part of the sofa), If the stain or liquid touches the sofa you can simply clean it with a damp cloth and preferably with a vacuum cleaner. 

Precautions before application: leave the windows open, pregnant women and children are not recommended, but after a few hours (between 2 and 4 hours) you can enter the room.

How long before using the sofa: between 6 and 12 hours

Protection of the sofa against stains and liquids

Disinfection is recommended as it is very important in this type of premises

Deep shampooing

Leave to dry in a cooler place

Dusting, humidity, pee and mouse droppings, insects, mud, etc.

Disinfection recommended because of unclean water sources and components 

Complete or partial shampooing of the sofa

Radiator water stain sometimes partially removed

Quick quote for your insurer

The source of water from a radiator leak or flood is often accompanied by micro-organisms that are harmful to health, and it leaves traces on your carpet or sofa that are difficult to remove, but a good cleaning and disinfection seems necessary. Sometimes water gets inside the sofa from the underside of the sofa, in which case the sofa must be tilted or turned over depending on its weight and condition, then the piece of fabric fixed often by aggravators must be removed and disinfected with a nebulizer.

Contact your insurance company to find out about reimbursement.

At least 2 days before moving out

Drying takes 1.5 days

Recommended packing

During the move it has already happened that the sofa is affected by black stains and water from the washing machine if placed next to it, think of packing the armchair well to avoid cleaning costs.

Suction first without injection-extraction

Shampooing with injection-extraction

Dusting, small paint spots using electric brushing,

Cleaning at least 2 days before removal

Drying takes 1.5 days

Protect the sofa during the move

Our achievements

9000 sofas cleaned

HappyGelssa team of 4 people (3 women and 1 man) created in 2014 with 8 years experiences in upholstery cleaning (sofas, chairs, mattresses, carpets) works very hard to satisfy its customers.

HappyGelssa has treated almost all stains on sofas (cat pee, child pee, milk, juice, vomit, wine, varnish, chocolate, coffee, soil, radiator water leakage, musty and damp smell, mould, jeans colour, etc).

Nos prix

Few travel costs if out of Brussels

Clients all over Belgium (Flanders, Liège, Mons, Namur, Charlerois..).Often close or in the same town.You only have to wait 1 or 2 weeks to benefit from free travel expenses. for utside Brussels.
Here are some examples of prices for sofa maintenance by condition of the sofa, size, city

Guaranteed results

Free test of a part of the sofa during the intervention (stains, shine, waterproofing).
Post-cleaning follow-up of the final result of the entire sofa via the customer feedback form.

Pack SofaCleaner

95€ – 135€

Pack SofaCleaner

95€ – 135€

Sofa Cleaner

Cleaning Process

Steam cleaner is appreciated by most of people but according to our experiences it is really not efficient , we use injection-extraction the best way to do a deep clean

  • Free estimate (real problem, drying, transparency of results, total price, etc.)
  • Porter les masques, gans et chaussons de protection avant l’entrée.
  • Floor protection if natural wood
  • Test on a small invisible part in case of a delicate fabric
  • Wet and shampoo with a certified product found after a hundred tests.
  • Electric or manual brushing depending on the type of fabric.
  • Deep vacuuming over and over again (steamer is not efficient and avoided)
  • Keep the workspace clean.
  • Bancontact or cash payment and receipt
  • Customer feedback after drying (1.5 days)
  • waterproof the sofa/chairs after a few days (on request)

Clients review

International platform for verified reviews




1.Once the photo and postcode are sent

1.1 Identification of the real needs/problems of our clients:

Cat pee smell that disturbs, visual stains to be eliminated, deep cleaning, sofa changed its true colour, elimination of dust mites, compulsory disinfection due to water damage, etc.)

Sometimes our customers want to remove visually disturbing stains and don’t want to clean just the sofa.
Sometimes our customers want to remove mainly the smell of cat pee and do not want to clean the sofa to clean it.


1.2 Communication of relevant information
Drying time, expected result, partial or complete removal of stains or odours, total price to be paid without hidden costs, etc.).

2.Sending of quick quotations in pdf format by whatsapp and Email.

3.Make an appointment taking into account the availability of our customers

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Intervention time
between 45min and 90min

Location of intervention
All Belgium

Certified Products
Ecolab & Karcher pour tissu ( bébés, pers. enceintes, allergiques) Cleaning Techniques
Material weight 14Kg
Team of 2 women

Deadlines for intervention
3 days in advance
Sofa drying
1 day
Removal of stains
Most will disappear except some partially: Oil, Blood
Quick quotes & appointments
even in the evening
Devis en moins de 2 heures Par Whatsapp (photo +code postal)

Payement & receipt
Bancontact, Cash after the intervention Receipt/invoice by email, whatsapp

Insured against all risks?
Oui chez PV contre tout risque

Follow-up & Advice
Your comments, satisfaction and questions after our intervention

All Belgium
Brussels, Wallonia, Flemish and Walloon Brabant, Flanders


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    Sofa Cleaner

    Mistakes to avoid that nobody talks about

    • If you have cat pee, do not touch the sofa with water or product without using a professional hoover, as the smell is strong and sometimes only leaves at 80% if you touch the wood.
    • Avoid grandma’s recipe found on the internet as it causes stains and could bleach the fabric (vinegar, bicarbonate, wipes, stain removers, vanish)
    • Always test on a small, inconspicuous part of the chair before doing it all
      Protect the floor if made of natural wood
    • Extend the cleaning area of the stains to even out the colour, otherwise stains may appear
    • Steam cleaning is very popular but unfortunately is not effective and avoid heat in direct contact with wool, cotton, velvet
    • Do not rub or brush on sensitive fabrics (velvet, wool, cotton, silk, mixed)
    • Avoid placing the shampuineuse on thin plastic because it depresses at the bottom and stops permanently

    Other cleaning

    • Mattress cleaning at home, anti-dust mite disinfection, pee odour removal
    • Deep cleaning of your upholstery
    • Carpet and rug cleaning
    • Sofa cleaning in Flanders
    • Window cleaning
    • Anti-mite steam cleaning of mattresses and sofas (only if no stains)

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