Steps to clean stains on a velvet sofa


Velvet sofas add a touch of luxury to any space, but they are also prone to stubborn stains. If you have tried solutions like baking soda or steam cleaners without success, don’t worry. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to effectively remove stains from a velvet sofa. Avoid common mistakes and follow expert advice to restore the beauty of your furniture.

Avoid grandma’s recipes

It’s tempting to try homemade recipes to remove stains from a velvet sofa, but this can often worsen the problem. Products like baking soda or vinegar can cause color changes. Avoid these mistakes and opt for safer methods.

Avoid steam cleaners

Using steam cleaners without extraction can damage the sofa’s fabric. The injected heat can dissolve stains, but it remains trapped in the fabric. Instead, prefer the method of water injection and extraction for more effective results.

How to proceed then ?

Is the sofa washable ?

Before you start, determine if your velvet sofa is washable. Most fabrics are, but some require special precautions. Perform a test on a small, hidden area to avoid damaging the fabric.

How to test on the sofa ?

Use a professional water injection and extraction shampooer to perform a test. Wet the stains and observe the results. If necessary, gently brush the fabric. Avoid damaging delicate fibers, like velvet, by conducting a preliminary test.

Shampooing Steps

Shampoo selection :

Choose a shampoo suitable for your needs, considering possible allergies.

Wetting and aspiration :

Wet the stains and vacuum to assess the cleaning’s effectiveness.

Gentle brushing :

Use a soft brush or an electric brush to gently brush the fabric, avoiding fragile fibers.

Deep aspiration :

Water injection and simultaneous aspiration are effective in removing rings.

Repeat previous steps :

If stains persist, repeat the steps for deep cleaning.

Drying and waterproofing

After cleaning, let the sofa air dry. If the sofa is in a humid place, drying may take longer. Waterproofing the sofa with a spray can also be considered to prevent other stains from ruining your sofa.

Share your experience

Feel free to share your experiences and tips for cleaning a velvet sofa. We learn a lot from our customers and are here to help you maintain the beauty of your sofa.


By following these simple steps and avoiding common mistakes, you can effectively remove stains from a velvet sofa. Prefer the method of water injection and extraction, and don’t hesitate to seek expert help if needed. Enjoy a clean and impeccable sofa for a long time.

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