How to clean a fabric sofa ? Complete guide


Welcome to our complete guide on how to effectively clean a  sofa. Whether you’ve spilled coffee, wine or just want to freshen it up, we’ve got the best methods and tips for you. Our aim is to provide you with practical advice and simple solutions to restore your sofa to its former glory, while preserving the beauty and quality of the fabric.

1. Preliminary precautions

Before you start cleaning your fabric sofa, make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging the fabric or causing more stubborn stains. Here are some important preliminary steps to follow :

1.1. Check the manufacturer’s label

Before cleaning, check the sofa manufacturer’s label. This will provide you with crucial information on specific cleaning recommendations and care symbols. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any risk of damaging the fabric or voiding the sofa’s warranty.

1.2. Perform a compatibility test

Before applying any cleaning product to a visible part of the sofa, always carry out a compatibility test on an invisible area, such as the bottom of the sofa or the back of the cushion, and apply the product. Wait a few minutes to see if there are any adverse reactions like discoloration or hardening of the fabric.

1.3. Vacuum the sofa

Before starting the actual cleaning, vacuum the sofa to remove dust, crumbs and debris. This will facilitate subsequent cleaning by removing any particles that may spill or become embedded in the fabric.

2. Cleaning methods

Now that you’ve taken the necessary precautions, let’s move on to the different cleaning methods for your fabric sofa.

2.1. Hand cleaning

Hand cleaning is the gentlest method for cleaning a delicate fabric sofa. For this method, you’ll need the following items :

  • A bucket of warm water
  • Mild soap or specific fabric detergent
  • A clean and soft cloth
  • A soft-bristle brush

Here’s how to proceed:

  • Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing warm water with mild soap or fabric detergent, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Dip the clean cloth into the cleaning solution and wring it out to remove excess water. Be careful not to saturate the sofa fabric.
  • Test the solution on a small part of the sofa to ensure compatibility.
  • Start gently cleaning the sofa by making circular motions with the dampened cloth. Use the soft-bristle brush to tackle stubborn stains.
  • Once the cleaning is complete, wipe the sofa with a clean, damp cloth to remove any soap or detergent residue.
  • Allow the sofa to air dry, away from direct heat sources.

2.2. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective method for deep disinfection and refreshing your fabric sofa. You’ll need a steam cleaner designed for fabrics.

We tell you how to do so 

  • Fill the steam cleaner with water as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Test the steam cleaner on a small, inconspicuous part of the sofa to check for compatibility.
  • Run the steam cleaner over the entire sofa surface using slow and steady movements. Be cautious not to leave the fabric overly wet.
  • Allow the sofa to dry completely before using it again.

2.3. Cleaning using commercial products

Numerous commercial products are designed for cleaning fabric sofas. Before using any of these products, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and test compatibility on a small, inconspicuous area of the sofa.

Follow the specific instructions on the product packaging for optimal cleaning results.

Additional tips

Here are some additional tips to keep your fabric sofa clean and vibrant:

  • Avoid eating or drinking on the sofa to prevent accidental stains.
  • Use protective covers to safeguard the sofa when not in use.
  • Regularly flip and rotate the cushions to evenly distribute wear.
  • Tackle fresh stains immediately using gentle cleaning methods.


By following our advice and caring for your fabric sofa, you can keep it clean, fresh, and in perfect condition for many years to come. Choose the cleaning method that suits your sofa best and ensure you take the necessary precautions to protect the delicate fabric.

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